18 August 2011

Alison Mayfield Photography

Today we have an interview with the very talented and gorgeous Alison Mayfield of Alison Mayfield Photography Studio.

After growing up in Australia, travelling the world and living in New York City, Alison is now residing in Phuket, Thailand photographing weddings and engagement shoots.

Alison has shared an engagement shoot she did in New York City and it's so romantic!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I'm an Aussie girl from the northern beaches of Sydney who loves photography, good food, beaches, mountains, dark chocolate, design, coffee, fashion, travelling, surfing, Muay Thai, old cameras, family and friends and plenty of good times!

I have been living outside of Australia for over 10 years now, starting by following the snow seasons in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. This lead to backpacking around Central and South America then eventually living in New York City for 5 years.

I recently moved to Phuket, Thailand and started my own photography studio specialising in Wedding, Portraiture, Travel, Food and Lifestyle Photography.

What inspired you to make a career out of photography?

I never expected to make a career out of photography, I just followed my passion!

After studying Photography in college, I felt the need to see the world and I was naturally inclined to document my surroundings. I am a big believer in doing what makes you happy and good things will come to you!

I was introduced to wedding photography back in 1997 while in Sydney but it wasn't as cool back then!

I started shooting weddings again in New York City, where I discovered a passion for the modern, artistic approach of wedding photography. Weddings include all the elements of my favourite styles of photography from fashion, portraiture, food and landscapes. So I get to shoot it all, sometimes in amazing locations like here in Asia!

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to spend one of the most important days with a couple; a day that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. I am responsible for these memories as the images they look back on recall the emotion and celebration of that day.

I shoot for the whole experience, I want an album to be a photo essay that captures and tells the story about who these people are; their style, their friends and family and their love. Both as individuals and as a couple.

How would you describe your photography style?

I have a very relaxed approach with my photography as this makes my subjects feel at ease and comfortable - allowing me to capture their true self.

I prefer to take a step back and capture the natural energy and emotions that are present on the day, while at the same time directing my couples to make them look natural and relaxed.

My images are a mix of candid, photo-journalistic and fashion-inspired photographs and this mixture of styles helps to tell the story of the day.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I'm constantly searching the internet for inspiration from other photographers. I look at fashion blogs and magazines which give me ideas for posing that are very flattering. I love food and travel magazines as there is a lot of great lifestyle photography, and of course other wedding photography! We are so lucky these days to have easy access to so many great images via blogs and websites.

Many things interest and inspire me with wedding photography.

You're currently based in Phuket, do you have any advice for couples thinking about having a destination wedding?

DO IT! Destination weddings are so much fun! All the guests are a little more relaxed at these weddings as they are also on holidays. You definitely want to think about where you are going to have the wedding and source lots of advice from locals as sometimes websites and resorts may not really be giving you all the information, especially in places like Thailand!

There are usually great wedding planners in any destination and they are always a great source for information. Just make sure you have done your research!

Any tips for aspiring photographers?

Never give up! Keep shooting! You really cannot shoot enough, I still think that I don't shoot enough!

Look at other great photographers' work, stay inspired and be true to what you love. Any time you take out the camera you will learn new things.

Like Henri Cartier-Bresson said, "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." And that was back in the days of film, so times that by 100!

What song is guaranteed to make you get up and dance?

Haha I can't pick just one! If I'm out and about, I get a bit shy...I'm a seat dancer from way back! But at home I will dance to anything. I love dance music (and some cheesy Top 40 when no one is around!)

Alison is available for work in Thailand and is willing to travel anywhere for wedding and engagement shoots.

You can contact her at info@alisonmayfield.com.

She has also started a blog which you can follow here: www.alisonmayfieldblog.com.


  1. Great interview!! and a lovely set of shots.

  2. Thanks Michelle!

    Alison is so fantastic, hoping to feature even more pics from her in the near future, I could look at them all day! xx

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