15 December 2010

Abigail Varney – Photographer

I was lucky enough to score an interview with the beautiful Melbourne-based photographer, Abigail Varney. You can check out her collection of photos on her blog  Abigail Loves

Her photography will blow you away!

The photo below was even featured in the latest Frankie magazine:

So, who is Abigail Varney?

I live in Melbourne and am currently enrolled at PSC (Photography Studies College). I'm working as a freelance photographer and enjoying the diversity in each job I do. My passion lies with documentary/fashion based photography and portraiture.

What got you into photography?

I’ve always had an interest in photography and the excitement ticking away inside me but not really knowing whether it was something transient or not. About two years ago I took the plunge; with a little study under my belt and an exotic trip to India my love blossomed into something worthwhile and I guess I trusted myself and just went for it! 

Where are you hoping photography to take you in your career?

Photography is such an exciting career that can take you on a lot of different journeys. I'm always drawn to jobs and projects that work with people as I love the interaction. For me I want to keep challenging myself blending both fine art and commercial genres and find a suitable role where I’m able to do this while continually learning and growing. 

Any tips for aspiring photographers?

Keep exploring the medium until you find what works for you and when you find it, go for it! Always remember you can be taught the technical side of photography but having a natural eye for what you see and how you capture it can't be taught.

What song is guaranteed to make you get up and dance?

Bad romance by Lady Gaga - it still gets me every time!

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