07 July 2011

7 Things

This week I received an invitation from Nat at the twigs asking me to share 7 blogs and 7 things.

So here are my top 7 wedding blogs...

And here are 7 of my favourite things...

1. Weddings.

What's not to love? It's all about two people sharing one of the most important days of their lives with family and friends. Not to mention all the love, laughter and dancing involved. 

New York recently legalised same sex marriage and it's about time Australian same sex couples were given the same opportunity.

2. Vintage & Retro Finds.

I love the excitement of a fantastic find at an op-shop or garage sale. There's something about having to search for something, having no idea what you're going to find that makes it that much more satisfactory when you come across a winner. 

3. Bunting.

I don't know what it is about bunting that I'm so obsessed with but I just love it. Maybe it's the reminder of going to carnivals and fetes when I was younger and how much fun they were.

4. White.

I am definitely having a white moment lately as I'm sure is very well exemplified on my Pinterest boards. White painted wood, white baths, white basins, anything that lights up a room is fantastic in my book!

5. Coffee.

Every night I go to bed looking forward to the soy latte I am going to treat myself to in the morning. This may be evidence that I have fatigue issues but whatever the case, the anticipation of that first sip in the morning gets me every time!

I am also more than a little infatuated with tea, especially in these cold winter months and my collection of over 50 vintage tea cups may be evidence of that infatuation (or a tendency to hoard).

6. Dogs.

I've always loved dogs but that love increased even more when my husband and I got one of our own. She's a kelpie x rottweiler named Frankie and she's the light of my life. 

We adopted her from the Hobart Dog's Home when she was 9 months old and we couldn't believe our luck. I was set on getting a rottweiler and my husband wanted a kelpie so it was a match made in heaven. We are very big supporters in adoption of homeless dogs and cannot wait to save another one soon (unfortunately this depends on our landlord...just another disadvantage of renting).
7. Tasmania.

This probably goes without saying since we packed up and left our hometown of Melbourne to move here last year but it is just so wonderful. We are loving exploring all the different areas of this great state and all the interesting people it inhabits. 


  1. 7 great things & frankie sounds delightful. thanks for playing along... :)

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I loved your wedding photo's - the Red Feather Inn is a lovely place for a wedding - lucky you! If you are ever in Launceston please pop in and say hello xx