13 July 2011

Winter Weddings

The last couple of days have been cold and windy in Tasmania with heavy snow causing road and school closures in the central and southern areas. Keeping warm inside while listening to the rain and winds, I got to thinking about winter weddings and how great cold weather can be when you embrace and prepare for it.

If you plan to get married in winter, you'll want to make sure to be wearing something warm. There are many great long sleeved options as well as boleros, capes and jackets that go well with shorter sleeves.

As long as you stay rugged up, you'll be able to enjoy getting married in a winter wonderland!


  1. That's a good idea with the alannah hill coat, if I have a winter wedding I'll consider the ah coat!
    I love your blog it's been such inspiration for me as I'm yet to be married and I'll probably be in the planning stages next year!
    Kate :)

  2. Thanks for reading Ava and Kate, welcome to the apple aisle!
    The Alannah Hill coat is a favourite of mine too :)