08 November 2011

The Bridal Bunch

After a big week in Melbourne dressing up for Halloween, celebrating Cup Week and catching up with old friends at my high school reunion, I'm back home in Tasmania and ready to blog!

Today, we have an interview with Karen Hamilton from The Bridal Bunch, a flower and event styling business in North West Tasmania.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I am the very proud and fortunate mother of two very lively boys and wife to a wonderful husband who supports me through my working days and beyond. Without him I couldn’t do what I do. My mum is another one of my inspirations as no matter what, she is always there!

I was born in Devonport but have spent the most part of my last 25 years living in Melbourne learning about life and floristry. I had my own shop in Malvern for 3 years which was a fantastic experience and have worked on projects such as marquee styling for the Melbourne Cup and flower styling for some major celebrities. That was the bonus of working in the Como Building – the home of Channel 10!

I arrived back in Tassie 3 years ago along with my wealth of experience, a husband and two young boys! I am now a wedding stylist along side my flower styling and I will always have a love of flowers!

What inspired you to get into Event Styling?

Having come from a floristry background, it is naturally in my blood to want to make everything look beautiful and stylish!

Flowers are but one side of a wedding picture and I knew that when I arrived back in Tassie, I wanted to spread my wings and expand into something a little more. This lead to an opportunity that took me down this wonderful styling road! The universe is such an amazing place, everything is there and waiting for all of us if we heed the call!

Where do you look for inspiration?

That’s a hard one as there is inspiration everywhere I go. People's gardens and antique shops, but mostly the world around me. Everything has a story to tell and I just love putting a story together within my styling!

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

I love sitting down with my brides and getting excited together about what styles, designs and colours we can combine to make an amazing picture on their wedding day for them.

Of course there is also that satisfaction at the end of setting up when if all comes together beautifully and you can stand back and see the WOW factor!

Any tips for aspiring Stylists?

Just let your heart lead you and your mind will follow!

It’s the most amazing career that inspires me every day. You find yourself styling everything you do, right down to packing the school lunches and doing your child's hair. If you like the way things look then styling might be the career for you!

What are your favorite wedding trends at the moment?

Well I am really loving the vintage, indie, earthy weddings, where you can find a touch of the unusual and unexpected!

You have recently launched ‘A Tea Party For Alice’ as part of The Bridal Bunch, can you tell us more about this side of the business?

'A Tea Party For Alice' is my new baby and I was inspired by all the old crockery and bits that were left at my grandmother’s house. I grew up with them and just recently after styling a Biggest Morning Tea, I thought this is certainly another direction I would love to head in!

I have always loved old relics and any collector of tea cups, saucers and vintage bits will know how addictive it is. This side of the business styles vintage tea parties for a whole range of occasions; bridal showers, naming days, birthdays and just about any occasion that gets the girls together for a civilised afternoon together!

What song is guaranteed to make you get up and dance?

'Move like Jagger', that one certainly gets me out of my seat!


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